Monday, 5 June 2017

Session 4, Wednesday 31 May 2017

Link to today's presentation HERE

What today’s session is about

  • Crystallizing the vision for what amazing things could happen
  • Using 4D mapping to get a sense of that
  • An introduction to prototyping
  • Hitting the upward curve of the U
    What we will have done by the end of the session

    • Experience Social Presencing Theatre
    • Understand the tools for prototyping
    • Have ‘crystallized’ further the ideas for possible projects

      Where we are on the U Curve

      We're on the upward curve of the U, where we are starting to take what we have listened to and generate some insights, with the aim of moving towards prototyping: where the action happens.

      Lesson - Social Presencing Theatre and 4D Mapping 

      • 4D mapping helps us find an underlying wisdom about a system as we move from Sculpture 1 to 2.
      • Mindfulness is key: 4D mapping is not about acting out pre-conceived ideas
      • 4D mapping is teasing out what might be significant as we move from where we are now to what things could look like (the future reality)
      • How we move in SPT is based on what is actually emerging, not what we think something should be
      • The inverse of this process is Absencing

        Activity 1 - Social Presencing Theatre

        In Social Presencing Theater, the word theater is used in connection to its root meaning – a place where something significant becomes visible, or where a community of people can see a shared experience. 4D mapping makes visible the current reality in a social system, such as a school system, health care system, or the food system.

        We're going to split up into groups and have a go and some role playing to see what new insights we can generate.

          Lesson: Prototyping 
          The principles of prototyping:

          • Clarify the core questions that you want to explore with your prototype
          • Find a group of fully committed people & cultivate your shared commitment
          • Iterate, Iterate, Iterate
          • Create “landing strips” for the future that is wanting to emerge
          • Listen to what is emerging from others
          • Beware two major dangers and pitfalls: mindless action and actionless minds 



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