Monday, 1 February 2016

Sue Sheehan

What's your story?

I participated in the last U.Lab course, with two hats on - as a participant and with my professional interest as someone who works for Lambeth Council to promote community action and participation.

What is your connection to the Food System?

I'm lucky enough to have made my passion for the food system my job. I cofounded a community group dedicated to fighting climate change, was a founding member of Transition Town Brixton and from that was asked to be Lambeth's Green Community Champion. Part of my job is to connect people who want a greener, more sustainable community with one another and help them build their own groups and networks.

What is your experience of U.Lab?

I was initially skeptical but I found the course really started to resonate with me, and help me think through some of the intractable problems that we face time and time again when trying to change the food system.

What will the success of this course look like to you?

I would love to see this course help changemakers in our community develop better ways of working towards solutions to the problems our Lambeth food system has. We have such energy in our communities and harnessing that power to build movements is a real challenge.