Friday, 28 April 2017

Session 1 (Co-initiating), Wednesday 3 May 2017

Link to today's presentation HERE

What today’s session was about
  • Attend - listen to that which life calls you to do
  • Connect - listen to and dialogue with the interesting players in the field
  • Co-initiate a diverse group that inspires a common intention
What we will have done by the end of the session
  • Understand who everyone in the group is and create a physical contact board
  • Understand the U journey and the course overview
  • Develop a shared understanding of the food system in Lambeth
  • Share views on what needs to change
Activity 1 - Mapping your networks on Kumu

Please could you:
  • make a list of the key people and organisations you are connected to, relating to the Lambeth Food System
  • Work with Sue on inputting these to
What to include:
  • organisations you work/volunteers for
  • people and organisations you know who are connected to the food system

Activity 2 - Check in – thumbs exercise

Lesson: The Iceberg model

“The iceberg model as a whole suggests that beneath the visible level of events and crises, there are underlying structures, paradigms of thought, and sources that are responsible for creating them. If ignored, they will keep us locked into re-enacting the same old patterns time and again.”


Activity 3: How does this connect with your reason to be here?
  • Your organisation
  • Your community
  • Your own personal goals

  • My most important challenge right now is… 
  • I’m focused on creating change on a … (personal, organizational, systemic, etc.) level…
  • U.Lab will be a success for me when…

Activity 4: Mapping the food system

Activity 5 - Check out – thumbs exercise


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