Thursday, 25 February 2016

U.Lab: Grow Your Own Leaders - Are you up for the challenge?

Impact Hub Brixton and Incredible Edible Lambeth would like to invite you to take part in a leadership development programme aimed at food leaders like you.

We all want to put people at the heart of the food we create. What if here in Lambeth we produced, distributed and ate food in a way that supported our community’s need to live healthily, socially, sustainably and affordably enabled food producers, manufacturers, retailers and innovators to work effectively together enabled us all to get more involved in meeting our own food needs?

But we can’t do this on our own.

Many of the problems we face with how our food is grown, distributed, eaten – and sometimes wasted – don’t have easy answers. People locally and globally, whether citizens, local growers or large manufacturers, struggle to see the bigger picture, or understand how to make an impact. We need a different approach.

We are convening a group of 25 people for a 6 week programme to jointly find these answers for Lambeth and beyond. Food growers, retailers, manufacturers, caterers, distributors, policy-makers, innovators, activists, writers – come and join us.

We will work with an approach known as U.Lab. This is a way of leading profound change that has been developed by action researchers at MIT, and practiced by leaders around the world for over 20 years.

Are you up for the challenge?



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