Thursday, 25 February 2016

Six Weeks to Change the World: The U.Lab: Grow Your Own Leaders syllabus

  • Week 0: Intro night Connect with others working in the food system. Vision what you want from the Lambeth food system by 2035, hear an overview of the U.Lab course with Q&A. Expect high energy and enthusiastic people – and of course food.
  • Week 1: Mapping the food system Develop a shared understanding of the food system – what is broken, what the power dynamics look like and areas for influence
  • Week 1b: Optional visit Visit a community food project and practice a new communications tool
  • Week 2: Connecting the personal to the group Practice a coaching circle, supporting each other in individual leadership challenges
  • Week 3: Bringing it all together Understand how Lambeth-based food growers, makers, retailers, innovators and redistributors work together, and discover the sweet spots for change
  • Week 3b: Optional Visit Visit a community food project
  • Week 4: Prototyping Get creative and build mock versions of your ideas in a group
  • Week 5: Developing Prototypes Build on what you started in Week 4 – get feedback fast and adapt your project
  • Week 6: Celebration and next steps

Each session will be on a Wednesday, will run from 6pm until 8.30pm, and dinner will be provided.

Week 0: Wednesday 9th March (Launch)
Week 1: Wednesday 16th March
Week 1b: Saturday 19th March
Week 2: Wednesday 23rd March
Week 3: Wednesday 30th April
Week 3b: Saturday 2nd April
Week 4: Wednesday 6th April
Week 5 Wednesday 13th April
Week 6: Wednesday 20th April



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