Monday, 1 February 2016

Andry Anastasiou

What's your story?

I'm a member of the Impact Hub and a previous participant on the U.Lab course. I've been involved in collaborative communities in Lambeth for several years and work as a professional leadership coach.

What is your connection to the Food System?

I'm a food lover and an amateur above all. Although I worked in Brixton Wholefoods when I first moved to Brixton my main motivation to help improve the food system in Lambeth is from the perspective of a user: food has a central place in my life, whether it is shopping for food in local markets or cooking for friends and family.

What is your experience of U.Lab?

As a qualified and experienced coach with the Institute of Leadership and Management and a qualified coaching with 20 years’ experience I found U.Lab to be a genuinely inspirational and energizing experience that helped inform my own work life.

What will the success of this course look like to you?

Success for me will look like better, people-centric leadership on the food issues that matter to all of us. I'm particularly conscious of the capacity for this course to help changemakers come up with more holistic and sustainable solutions.


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