Thursday, 31 March 2016

Videos - Presencing, Absencing, the U Curve and Transformation

Yesterday the big themes were the the U Curve and Presencing, and, after three weeks, perhaps a better sense of where this U.Lab process is leading and what it's all about.

We've got some video links for you:

  • Introduction to Presencing (5m36s): Presencing requires us to let go of the old and open ourselves completely to something that we can sense but that we cannot fully know before we see it emerging. This moment can feel like jumping across an abyss. At the moment we leap, we have no idea whether we will make it across. As human beings, we are on a journey of becoming who we really are. This journey to ourselves ­ to our Selves ­ is open­-ended, full of disruptions, confusion, and breakdowns, but also breakthroughs. It is a journey that essentially is about accessing the deeper sources of the self. This video starts our journey through the bottom of the U.
  • ‘Facing the fire’ (8m40s): The territory at the bottom of the U is about connecting with your source of inner knowing. A deep threshold there needs to be crossed to connect to one’s real source of presence, creativity, and power. All of us have probably had moments of presencing. We just might not have realized it at the time.
  • Absencing­ (11m24s): What you've learned so far about Theory U is only half the story. In this video, we introduce the inverse of presencing, which we call absencing. This completes the seven ­point summary of Theory U that we started in Week 1.
  • 8 Acupuncture Points for Societal Transformation (16m10s): This week, we have been exploring the two root questions of creativity: Who is my Self? What is my Work? In this video, we explain how these two questions are connected to the larger societal changes we described in Week 1 using the iceberg model.”


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