Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Session 3 (Presencing), Wednesday 30th March 2016

Link to today's presentation HERE

What today’s session is about

  • Group mindfulness
  • The U curve
  • Absencing and presencing 
  • Generate ideas for food system prototypes 
  • Group journaling

    What we will have done by the end of the session

    • Practice group mindfulness
    • Explore and describe where you are on the U curve in relation to your food system journey 
    • Generate ideas for food system prototypes 
    • Experience group journaling (with a focus on your “food system Work”) .. as a tool for connecting with your emerging future

      Activity 1 - Mindfulness practice

      • Pause and notice body feels, notice the in and out breath, don't change it, just observe
      • Notice if there is a sense of relaxation, or tension
      • Allow a little more relaxation
      • Notice the in breath and the outbreath.

      You can read the mindfulness handout here.

        Lesson - Absencing and Presencing 

        • Energy follows attention
        • We have to go through a process with three movements
        • This only works if we cultivate the inner instruments: Open Mind, Open Heart, Open Will
        • At source are two root questions:
          • Who is my Self?
          • What is my Work?
        • You will face three enemies:
          • Voice of Judgment
          • Voice of Cynicism
          • Voice of Fear
        • You need to hold the space to go through the same process on a collective level
        • The inverse of this process is Absencing
        Presencing, done right, marks the turning point in the process, where you move from the observing and questioning part through to the creative and transformational part.

        Activity 2 - World Café

        • What can we do to improve something for x problem?
        • What is the essence of this idea?
        • What would this look like if it was set up?
        • What would be the benefits?
        • How can we engage with the community 
          • to give x
          • to get x 
          • to create...?
        • How can we use the resources within our hub / U.Lab course to do...?

        Activity 3: Group Journaling 

        • The essence of this journaling is that one person asks the questions to enable you to find your own answers to these questions.
        • Give time for the group to quietly write answers. 
        • Go through all the questions and don’t adapt them.
        • You’ll have about 10 minutes to ask and answer the questions. 
        Activity 4- Check out


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