Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Iterate, iterate, iterate

Phew. Six weeks have flown by. Down the U. Up the U. And now at prototype stage, looking forward to the hub's new Open Nights events where we can take these great ideas onto the next stage.

What is prototyping? A messy process in which the key is to keep iterating. Get something working quickly. Test those listening skills. Find out how well we collaborate with our peers.

We had a first go on one of the infamous Saturday sessions. Fueled by hangovers and sweet treats, some brilliant new ideas came out. And when the full group got together last Wednesday, we got, in no particular order:

  • A new way of thinking through policy and gunning for a Sustainable Food Cities Silver Award
  • 'Supermarket Unsummit' – reconstructing supermarket to see if we can make a better one
  • Doggie bags – a campaign to encourage restaurants to give doggy bags
  • A community buying group - helping communities work together for better, cheaper food
  • Vertical gardening and an innovation lab - a space where innovators can get together and learn from one another
  • A community café - like a café, but better and built from the ground up for and by the people who use it.
Watch this space.



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